Kohl for Isabella Anselmi



Kohl Tyler-Dunshea collaborated with New Zealand based company Merchant1948 (previously known as Overland) to produce the Kohl For Isabella Anselmi collection.


Merchants design team had been searching for a perfect pattern for spring when director Louise Anselmi discovered Kohl's paintings at her graduate show.


For the signature prints, Kohl found and collected real plant specimens from the outdoors. She chose Taurepō flowers (native to Aotearoa) from the Waitakere Ranges and Lobelia (introduced by from Italy) and then pressed the plants in a custom-made press to dry and preserve them. Finally, she used them as a reference to paint from. 


The process of translating her watercolours into a range of unique botanical prints then began. After countless samples and test prints, two exclusive patterns were produced, Taurepō and Lobelia. These florals were used to craft satin heels, sneakers and a handbag. 



Watercolour Illustrations for Cuisine Magazine 

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