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02 JUN - 16 JUNE 2022

PG Gallery, Naarm/Melbourne, AUS.

 Reef (2022) Ceramic stoneware with magnesia glaze. 160 x 175 x 80mm (W x H x D)


Signals is an exhibition that examines the concept of a ‘novel’ ecosystem, an ecosystem that has been heavily influenced by humans but is not under human management.

Kohl Tyler-Dunshea begins by looking to plants that are ever-present in her daily life within the city of Naarm, and examines these as markers (or signals) of an implicit subtext to the happenings of the city she lives in.

Her watercolour paintings feature cut flowers bought from corner stores, noxious weeds that surround her block of flats, fallen leaves, and a sole pollinator species, the Western honey bee. Introduced species, bred, and well-adjusted to the current climate. While her hand-built stoneware ceramic sculptures appear more like archeological remnants of a previous age, petrified, fossilized, and bleached by time, inspired by the mycological kingdom, coral lifeforms, and other earthly anomalies.

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