These plants are an offering, you are welcome to take them with you.

27 FEB, 13 MAR & 27 MAR. 2022

"The garden is a mirror of the maker and the user, in whom it is reflected simultaneously." (de Jong, 2020, p.11).

Offerings is an ephemeral installation rooted in relational aesthetics and employs the act of giving plants away as its catalyst. Participants are invited to take a plant and plant it somewhere, be it their garden or in a public space. Each species of plant has been selected for the benefits they bestow on Melbourne's indigenous insect populations, such as the minute brown scavenger beetle and the blue-banded bee.
Through this act of giving away plants, many social outcomes are possible, participants are provided with an opportunity to be in an active dialogue with their local biosphere and to contribute to and co-create with the land that they inhabit.


Plant it outdoors, either in a pot or straight in the ground, and make sure it's in a sunny spot. 
Use a well-draining potting mix with little to no phosphorous. 
If you like, you can keep it in its biodegradable pot when you plant it, it will provide the seedling with nutrients as it breaks down.
Water it every one to two days in the warmer months and weekly during the colder months. 

Indigenous plants are plants that have grown in our local area for tens of thousands of years or longer. 
These plants have evolved and adapted to our local climate and soils. 
While indigenous plants come from local areas, "native" plants are from anywhere in Australia.

Kohl Tyler-Dunshea is an Aotearoa-born, Narrm-based artist, working in installation painting, and ceramics.
You can read her bio here and sign up for her mailing list here

Kohl Tyler-Dunshea respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which this work is placed, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation.
Respects are paid to Elders past, present, and emerging. 

Thank you for participating in the 2022 iteration of Offerings
This project was supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants.



Acacia mearnsii (Black wattle)

Pommaderris lanigera (Woolly pomaderris) (1).gif

Vittadinia cervicularis (Annual New Holland Daisy) Locally rare

Chloris truncata (Windmill grass) (4).gif

Cullen tenax (Emu foot) Locally rare (3).gif

Callistemon sieberi (River bottlebrush) (5).gif

Poa ensiformis (Purple-sheathed tussock grass)